Core Co Alleycat 650b Restock!

Core Co consulted and collaborated with some of the best responsive/fixed axle players in the world when designing the original Alleycat. They take responsive play seriously and this latest model picks up where the Alleycat left off. The Alleycat 650b!

The idea of the 650b was to go more towards the fixie analog side of things. One major complaint they received is that the original alleycat didn’t shoot the moon very well. The 650b reduces diameter by 2 mm and increases centerweight a good bit to help with responsive tricks. They also closed the gap just smidge on the 650b to give it a really satisfying feel when it returns to the hand.

Releasing Thursday 10/22 @ 8PM EDT.


Do you know this runs specs? Did they use the same shop? Bandalores was listed differently last run.