Core tricks

so i just finished the first 50 tricks and im kinda lost what are some tricks that you need to know to get for most tricks “wax on wax off” types of tricks lol


Chopstick, Chopsticks switch I think. I’m practicing wax on wax off right now, it seems simple enough but it’s taking me a while to get the feel for it to do it well or on command.

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I did the same thing with the first 50! Where to go next?

I’m still popping around that site in the 1A tricks section. Check out the “long string tricks”. Learn what a wrist mount is, play with that, incorporate what you learned, link a few together and all of a sudden you’ll realize that holy cow, I’m getting pretty good. I just learned Spirit Bomb and I’m getting real close on Yuki Slack. Those are really fun.

I need to get better at chopsticks and all the variation that comes with that mount.

Too, go back through the 50 and “clean them up”. I found that it really helped to re-watch the videos because a lot more of it starts to make sense.

I’m also watching a lot of you tube videos. There are a lot of really good tutorials out there. You’ll definitely find something that catches your eye as really cool.

Good luck!