YYF is using the Chief/GE/AC’s double rim, aint that copyright?

I don’t believe CLYW has any sort of patent on the double rim.

I had heard that the only thing on the H5/Chief Collab they used from the chief was the double rim, and they had wanted to use it so they had to do a collab because of copyright. Maybe it wasn’t true, but that was just my way thinking.



Getting ownership of a design aspect of a yoyo is pretty much useless. It’s extremely expensive, and it makes it so less yoyos are manufactured by other companies. I’m pretty sure none of the design aspects on the chief or the avant garde are copyrighted, patented or trademarked. It is expensive.

There are so few designs patented (not copywrited). No one would spend the money to do that. Only certain aspects of a yoyo. I.E. the way YYF does their hubstacks.

Are H-shape yoyo’s copyrighted?


so why copyright a shape?

Just to make people mad.

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Copyright covers intellectual works like music, writings, art, and movies.

Patents cover inventions.

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You can’t “copyright” a design idea, you can patent one, but not one like that.

In the Us, you can patent basically anything, as long as it wasn’t previously patented.

oh, i had never understood the difference between copyright and patent, thanks!

I think it was more to do with respect. And awesome ideas.

both designs come to the double rim via entirely different means, thus making the resemblance only in aesthetics (which even then isnt very similar)

Designs evolve.

YoYoFactory popularized stepped rim yoyos, for both style and function. Rather than credit some people chose to say it was done before (ie Henrys Lizard).

Now stepped rim yoyos feature on many many brands.

Its evolution.

and for those stuck in the past check out a Losi Cherry Bomb.