Coolest yoyo stickers you've seen

I have mad love for the “Dirtbag Yeti Approved” sticker that comes with the FG Ava, and of course, a shoutout to the yoyoexpert sticker for always being there!

Love the Yogi sticker I got with my FG Avalanche.


I actually have that one up on my wall, along with the New Avalanche sticker you get, and the Petr Kavka Cliff. I gotta say I love it too!

I keep mine close to where I work.

I love the one I got on my Cliff. I hate when people have to ask why I have a dog on my yoyo bag and have to explain it tho.

I have a full length mirror where I put my stickers. My favorite yoyo sticker is easily the CLYW “Obey Yeti”. I won that one from the Halloween art contest CLYW had 8).

The avalanche came with yogi, dirt bag yeti approved, dirt bag yeti skiing, and the clyw pick axe logo stickers. All nice, love them all.

I’ve got a bunch of Werrd stickers that I like a lot. I’d say the Anti-Yo stickies are my fave.

Hspin Girl stickers are awesome! I’ve always wanted one but never had the opportunity. If anyone has one let me know :slight_smile:

Gotta say I like my “dirtbag yeti approved” sticker. That and the one of dirtbag holding a return top. Or pretty much any CLYW sticker. I’ve got a fedora covered in them.

My YYE sticker and Turning Point.