Cool Unique Tricks

Currently I am working on building an arsenal of cool “rare” tricks. Rare meaning ones that you don’t see very often… So, without farther adieu, what are some of your guys’s favorite 1A tricks that aren’t very well known?

1a Suicide, it’s not rare but it’s a cool trick that I enjoy I’ll leave a link below if you need it:


Iso iso iso by Ryan gee isn’t used very often but it’s an awesome isolation trick!

Thanks for the mention! :slight_smile:

I have tutorials of somewhat obscure tricks if you want to check them out!

I don’t post them often because of the minimal views that I receive, but I hope you like them.


i just learned twirly-bird its not to complicated but looks awesome

I use isolations a ton not many use it I have a tutorial up you can look through my posts you will find it and hipster whips are rare too


Always worth learning. “Like a Boss”.


What’s that?
EDIT: oh, i saw it. That’s pretty much revolutions which is rather common. Although that version is uncommon