Cool song for yoyoing.


Me and my brother were whatching a fishing video ( I love fishing, but I like yoyoing more  ;D. )
and the music in the background seemed good for yoyoing, so I immediantly get on youtube and look up the song. The name is “Cave In by A New Revolution” Here’s the video:
What do you guys think?


Ahh Dragonball Z. That takes me back a few years.
To you question, it can be a good song if you want it to be. However, the songs I have seen in freestyles have been a bit faster tempo.


Not really:


I think its a cool song. And what the heck is dragon ball z? Later.

Keep it spinning™


Dragon Ball Z is an old carton.


Oops I meant to say generally because I remembered this and other freestyles that were slower. And a Dr. Pepper commercial just said slower is better. Maybe not better but just as good. However, I am still saying that more people use faster beats, but the slow ones are awesome too, like Zach’s.


I wasn’t trying to say faster beats are worse or anything, just that some freestyles have slow beats.


Yeah I know and I forgot to say that in my first post.
Back on topic, use that song for a freestlye. Try to get a video too because it would be awesome I think. =)