Cool combos


Hi my name is brendan and i am looking for some cool combos for my freestyle routine. my skill level is from advanced to expert so please post some good combos


Just combine tricks with similar steps in them. Most combos today are made up by the player anyway.


Find some yoyo tricks or tutorial in, it will help you to increase your level.Same thing to me!

Type yoyo tricks then click search.

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I would recommend raytsh’s channel on youtube:
He has some cool tricks/combos there, plus which are made easy to learn. I have learned many combos there, but I would still recommend you to make up your own tricks.


Here is a trick I made, called Serpentine:

If you want, I can make a tutorial.


Here’s a master-level yoyo trick called “Candy Rain.”

Happy Throwing! =]


dude just pick a player u like try to copy even if u cant copy all u can find new places to go


Don’t copy. Copying is lame. Try to create things. It expresses your creativity, and thats what yoyoing is all about.

I’m not saying no copying at all. Just don’t copy one player, or else you don’t have your own style, you have his/her style.