Okay so I think that when people start throwing, they see all of these pros who are completing at world, nationals, etc. it might discourage them and make them feel like they’re no good and will never be able to complete in a contest. So what I’m asking of all of you is, post a short video of you throwing and show them what the majority of average players are like!

Then people post videos and they really are good…I see what you’re trying to do though

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Not everyone is intimidated by those better. Some are inspired when they witness greatness. There are those that need someone to tell them that they can do it and others that can’t be kept from doing it.

Everyone is different so all we can do is encourage everyone and communicate the virtues of the activity.

When you can’t hit a trapeze, everything looks impressive.

Nice thought though and we can always enjoy more videos!

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A similar thing has happened to me when I audition for band placement. I put on a new attitude this year. Just think to yourself that you can achieve everything possible. Being positive can make you better

All of that is true, but I think it would help for people to see that everyone was once where they are and not everyone will be amazing like Jensen or Mickey.

In every hobby I’ve gone after it has generally taken me alot of work to ever be what I’d call good at it.

Some people learn fast and look amazing at it. I personally know I learn slow and make very subtle changes until I’m happy with my outcome.

Jagmcool this was a great idea, but now we as a group are at the point where we don’t get intimidated anymore only the most beginner of beginners get intimidated.

No pro was born a pro. You have no more or no less than anyone. It’s all up to you. It’s one of the cool things about yoyo, you don’t have to compete, but if you want to be like the best you need to put the time and effort in they did.