Competition Yoyos?

Okay so The Puffin 2 got restocked and I want to get it, along with some string and stuff, but I will be attending a yoyo competition in two weeks (NOT COMPETING, JUST WATCHING). My friend says not to buy the puffin, but to save money for the competition throws. Is it worth it? Will they still have variety at the competition? Are they CHEAPER? Also, can you like try out the throws at the competition before you buy or something? Should I get a Puffin now on yoyoexpert or save for the competition. What do you guys think.

Just pointing out: I am not competing in the competition. Im just watching. I have saved up a good amount of money and want to buy some nice yoyos.

I’ve never competed but…I would say that if you’re going to compete, definitely throw something you’re comfortable with well in advance. I’ve also never thrown a Puffin before either so I couldn’t say how they perform.

If I were to compete though, I would definitely be using a yoyo I’ve already gotten to “know” rather well. Here I go now, thinking of the Super YoYo Anime where the main character is throwing a brand new hyper dragon fresh into competition after he destroyed his Fireball :slight_smile:

Here, to actually answer what you asked, if you are going to a big contest (example: BAC) where actual yoyo companies are in attendance, there will probably be B-Grades and such that will be cheaper. At contests where only stores such as YYE have tables everything will be full price, most likely. However, you can try out the different yoyos and see what you like.

Also, at contests nearly everyone is looking to sell or trade, and you will probably be able to make a lot of trades and get a lot of great deals from others if that’s what you’re looking for.

So, personally if I were you I would wait, you’ll get to try a ton of yoyos and could always buy a Puffin there.

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Wait for the contest. Whenever I go to a contest there’s plenty of people who have plenty of yoyos and are broke. So if you show up with a wad of cash in hand, you’ll be able to score some sweet deals. A lot of people will also have puffin 2s, and you might be able to get one for as low as $75.

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Ok I re-read your post (was it recently updated?). Definitely scope out what’s available at the competitions. Many B-grades play like A-grades. I originally was tempted to buy a Wooly Marmot 2 but waited. They had B-grades at BAC for a really good price. They let me test drive them and I was amazed so I forked over the cash for it.

It is a chance though you take, one won’t really know what will or won’t be available at the contests.

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I shall wait for the redondo beach nationals competition to
Buy a Yoyo.

The puffin 2 not a competition throw?

Sure, it may not be a bi-metal, but saying its not a “competition” throw is a big understatement to its capability…

Don’t forget

In other words, the Puffin 2 is one of the best competition throws you can buy. You know what else is a good contest throw? The Tropic Spins Shipwreck and Finch. Those two are BEASTS

nO the poffin 2 isn’t a commmppetiting thro becus hrouyi suzucy don’t use it nd he is tha bestest and only the anglam can bey used for campetin if u wnt to win.


You know what else?

I’m pretty sure the OP meant “throws that are available at the competition he is going to attend” not “throws that are designed for competitors”

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Thanks for the laugh

I think most of you guys misunderstand the question…

Then in that case, please re-word it for us.

OP wants to know if it’s worth it to wait to buy yoyos from vendor tables at a contest.

I think it’s difficult for anyone to answer this for you, because only you know how bad you want a Puffin 2 right now.

As stated above, you can forego buying a Puffin 2 now, so you’ll still have money for what you might find at the contest that you might like better. That is all a bunch of uncertainty though. The thing is, you are not guaranteed to find a cheaper Puffin 2 at the contest, and you are not guaranteed to find something you’ll like better than a Puffin 2 at the contest. I think that things on contest tables are limited, because there is limited space to keep things to be sold. You may find very limited B grades, or find some random yo-yoer to sell you what he has cheaper than retail. But, you can buy the Puffin 2 now, guaranteed, while the stock and colorways are still available, instead of waiting a few weeks while the Puffin 2 stock dwindles to see what else you can find instead. I prefer not to take gambles, because I have confidence in my ability to unload anything I acquire, without taking a loss.

So, the answer is really up to you. When you get my age, you realize that your friends give you advice trying to help, and let you know what they would do, if they were you (but they are not you). Some friends are not even really friends (but you don’t know it yet), and they don’t want you showing up to the contest with that pristine brand new Puffin 2. They want you to have that B grade with the ano flaws instead. :smiley: In the end, you have to do what feels right for you to do. It’s your money, and you’ll be stuck with the decision. Don’t worry about showing up to the contest and having your friend say, “I told you so.” Because on the other hand, you could be saying to yourself, “I should have gotten that Puffin 2 in the color I wanted, the stuff here is garbage.”

Personally, the Puffin 2 is a nice yo-yo, and I don’t see how you could end up being disappointed with it either way. It’s so good that you could have it in your hands now, and sell it before that contest, or at that contest, if you needed to. Don’t listen to me either, but if I were you, I’d buy the Puffin 2. :wink: