Competing in my first contest on Saturday

It’s my first freestyle I’ve ever done at a contest, any tips/tricks or other things I should keep in mind with regards to actually performing it?

don’t worry and you should be fine!

  1. Stay calm, don’t think about making mistakes, picture the ultimate goal. Even if you don’t think you will win, thinking you will mess up a lot will not help.
  2. Practice a ton throughout the rest of this week. I mean at least an hour a day.
  3. Don’t let the crowd scare you. They are there to watch and support you by cheering and giving you help along the way. I did my first two freestyle at GA States in the 1A and 5A divisions. After both, many people came to me and said I did a good job and told me some things I could do to improve.
  4. Work with the weather. If your freestyle has lots of slack in it but it’s windy out, see if you can modify it a little bit.
  5. Enjoy yourself

Hope this helps,

The slack is what I’m worried about most, considering I have a lot of it :P. There is some wind predicted for the contest so I’ll just have to work with what I have. Prelims are inside though which is good.

Practice with thicker string than you’re used to. You may find you’ll have to use it.

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Post a vid and let us critique it.

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I’ll put up a vid later today. Mainly looking for critique on my finals since I pushed it off and ended up having to rush it.

Just get up there and have fun. Easier said than done being in front of a crowd, I know.

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Most people who compete for the first time tend to jam at least one yoyo in the first one minute of their freestyle.
Even if he is skilled to the point he “should be winning the comp”.

If you suddenly miss every tricks, go slower, carefully hit every tricks, then gradually back to normal pace again.