Community Instagram Project: #yoyo515

I have been getting back into yoyo lately, and am loving it. I never quit yoyoing all together, but I did take a HUGE step back from the online community. Well, I am back and loving how social media is helping blow up this sport even more!

I have a fun idea that I think could be very fun and very useful; #yoyo515 (yoyo five fifteen)

The idea is to create 15 second yoyo videos in which you can only do 5 string hits…and make it look amazing! Who can come up with the most creative way to use 5 string hits? The idea here is to automatically catalog (by using #yoyo515) everyone’s 15 second videos. Think about the concepts you could pick up; everyone will have there own style in completing this very easy task. This is totally beginner friendly too! Have fun with it!

I have noticed that a bunch of yoyoers already have intagram accounts, and if not, it is very easy to sign up.

I have already uploaded my first #yoyo515 video, and my instagram name is trevlor…but just search yoyo515 :wink:

Post here with any further ideas, suggestion, and whether or not you will do it!

Let’s build an amazing catalog of fun quick tricks/concepts to help build eachother up!


I’ll try and make a video tomorrow :smiley: I have what I want to do down I just need someone to film it for me.

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Sweet!! Looking forward to it! :slight_smile:

What do y’all think about it being a maximum of 5 hits instead of exactly 5? Like a 3 hit is fine?
This will open it up a bit too :slight_smile:

That sounds good because the one I have is 5 with the bind.

I will probably follow this, but I have nothing original to contribute. Maybe some day!

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Sounds good I’ll do this totally


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ya, bind does not count! =)

glad to see some peeps getting behind this!

#yoyo515! =)

Will be a nice addition to #trickcircle :slight_smile: Definitely going to try.

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^yep! i just found out about that one too!

here is my contribution for today :wink:

alright! i am not the only one you will see searching for #yoyo515 anymore! yay!! have fun with it!!! =D

Just posted my first 515 video :slight_smile: I look really serious but I’m just concentrating lol

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great stuff! super flowy!

I have a really fun idea once I get a package in the mail Monday or tuesday :smiley: also I get my cascade in the mail today so I might try to make another combo with that :slight_smile:

DO IT!! =D