Come all 'ye yoyoers and listen to my new band

(Shaneola) #1

Spread the word bros. We need your feedback too. Please no thumbs down.


Pretty good!

Which one is you?

Name of the band?

(Shaneola) #3

I play the ukulele. We don’t have a name yet though. And thanks.


Not a big fan of the Melodica though. Maybe it’s the mix.

(Shaneola) #5

This was more of a xylophone song but our xylophone was somewhere else at the time we filmed this. The melodica sounds good on some songs, it just depends. Thanks for the feedback.


good job hope you guys secseed

(Shaneola) #7

Thanks dood. Check back for more videos probably about 1-2 a week.


The xylophone would sound really cool with that song!