Combo ender tutorial


First tutorial I’ve made. Give it a watch, let me know what you think.


Nice! “Probably Useful” gets a thumbs-up from me as a great name for a series. :wink:

I like how your “Combo ender” is my entire combo. Well be learning this one, though!


This was great! Maybe if you slowed down the explanation part of it a little and added a slow motion of the trick. Just a couple of suggestions but I liked it and learned it. Thanks!


actually needed a good ending to a combo and couldn’t think of anything to go with thank you make more:D


A tutorial with a verbal explanation is rare these days. It makes tricks 10x easier to learn. All I can say is MAKE MORE!!!

I also like how its a short trick. I hate it when people try to make a tutorial for a 90 second combo… lol. With short little tutorials like this it allows the player to mix and match, creating their own combos.

10/10. Can’t wait for more.


That is what I thought too. Great tutorial. I will be sure to learn it. Keep it up:)


This looks really cool but I can not figure out what you did after opening the whole in the trapeze. I roll the yoyo over my non throw index, but I don’t know which string to land it on or how to drop it out from there like you did in the video.


darkdenizen- From the beginning, what I’m doing is putting my TH index in the loop from trapeze from the outside in (so that my TH is facing me), turning my TH palm down so that my thumb is facing me (which should make the two strings from the trapeze loop lay side by side rather than on top of one another), rolling back onto the string that is now the closest to my body, and curling my NTH index down so that the loop furthest away from my body falls off my finger. Does that make more sense?


Thank you for the tutorial! I need a combo ender


nice tutorial been looking for something new


Im waiting for your 2nd tutorial bro. Something in the same difficulty range of the “Combo Ender” would be nice. :smiley:


I will bump this, because your tutuorials are AMAZING! Exactly the kind of tricks i need to learn!


Wow, this really is good. I like how you point and show what string to land on and which spaces the yo-yo will fly through. Thanks.


So decided to learn this tonight, was quick and easy, but just can’t figure out how you drop the loop off your pointer at the end without it binding up in the gap when it lands in the triangle? Is there a trick to that part? Thanks!