Color combinations for protostar

I’m getting a protostar tomorrow, but i’m stuck when it comes to the colors: I without a doubt want Blue and Green for the Yo/String combination, But in your opinion, what looks better, blue yo with neon green string, or green yo with neon blue string? :-\

Blue yoyo
Green string

Well seeing as there isn’t a green protostar (there is only a yellow one that wouldn’t look great with blue string), I would say:

Blue Throw
Green String

The yoyo is going to last longer than your string… (The protostar is a very durable yoyo… Mines pretty beat from 5A… ) So pick which evercolor yoyo you prefer. And the neon green string goes well with any yoyo…

I just wish the first run had the blue and yellow ones… Im stuck with grey…

Hey nothing wrong with grey man! I’m rockin a grey Protostar myself and it’s a pretty nice looking throw!

Green string is my recommendation, by the way.

I’m with Mitch. Pick the yoyo color you want, and then the string.

I just received a “yellow” one myself and chose green string.

It took me a couple of seconds to realize he was talking about the yellow protostar.