Collectors items - rhode runner from 2011

Extremely limited Rhode Runner made by YYJ in 2011. 14 were made in the world and I got #5. It is made with rhodium plate and gold plate and is in mint condition. I threw it once and so did marcus koh in 2011. It was purchased at $400 USD original price. The price is negotiable and I am not in a rush to sell as it is an EXTREMELY LIMITED collectors item.


Just a heads-up that I personally can vouch for Janzen (this user) as I have known him for a long time and know he’s legit. I know him being a new face here and no feedback can seem strange to some, but I can let y’all know you can rest assured he ain’t some sleazy dude.


Wow nice this is crazy rare.

That thing is beautiful! I wish I had the bucks!

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