Collectible video games


Holy cow! Look what this sold for!


You may need an account to see the hammer price. Here’s a pic.


Wait… you have an account there? Tell us about this :wink:


(Sergio) #4

I second that, what u collecting?


Over the years lots of things. I only have bits and pieces left. Comics, movie posters, hot wheels (google my username), original comic art, toys. Lots of stuff.


Show us your favorites! Amaze us! Regale us with terrifying tales!


Like I said just bits and pieces now. Here’s something hanging in my hall. It’s a Jack Kirby original.

(Thomas Bellotti) #8


I love people’s collections. It doesn’t really matter what they consist of, I just find it cool when people manage to collect a nice stash of anything.

And 3.3k for that game is crazy! But whatever floats your boat, I’m sure whoever got that is stoked, so more power to em