Cold Fusion ProYo Bumblebee Need gone £45!!!


Black and Yellow Cold Fusion YoYo. Yoyo display very nicely. It does have one thin scratch on the black part.

Tin reads: WARNING - Cold Fusion if THE perfect form of energy. The precision device inside of this canister combines all the benefits of the BPT (Brake Pad Technology): Unparalleled responsiveness, incredible sleep time, unbelievably smooth string play and loopingabliity, all the qualities expected of the ProYo line AMPLIFIES!

Includes everything shown: Tin with 3 pieces of foam, 3 bearings (2 wood, 1 brass) 2 cork disks, and 2 pins.

Black and Yellow Cold Fusion YoYo.

The colors are bright! This set has been packed away for years.

Yo Yo does show a few small scratches.

Looking for£70 £45! Ono…

(more pictures available on request!)

So what’s missing? Is there a glove that came with all of these or is this a complete set?

I don’t know if it came with all of the Fusions or just the GT but I haven’t got it and its missing a hand book and two spacers I think.