the yeti is a collab cuz it uses YYF spaces…


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No. Yoyofactory is simply a supplier.

Very misleading title!!!

Alot of companies use the yyf spacers.

Are you the only one that actually “got” this?

Everyone else seems to have. They just didn’t find it funny…or true.

This is so funny I forgot to laugh. Please stop clogging up the forums.

So basically every Race Car that wins the Brick 400 was a Co-lab with the company that supplied the spark plugs for the Engine?

Uh, ok, lol

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Okay guys ill tell you.

A friend of mine begged me to do it…

Okay delete.

Your welcome _____

uh huh

Okay, he said it would be funny if I did it…

You’re friend’s a dirty liar.


Was his name U2588kid?

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Oh wait, I forgot, that’s HIM.

BC, you were calling someone who was genuinely interested in why freehand is called freehand a joker previously. Don’t be a hypocrite.

Yeah, I was going to say that. You were telling someone their thread was pointless and just clogged up the boards with his dumb joke, and look what you’re doing right now.

Quote taken directly from you:

I don’t really care. This isn’t a big deal. You made a little joke, and not many found it funny. I’m just a bit “mad” because you are being hypocritical. Maybe next time, follow your own advice, and post this in the unrelated section.

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