CLYW x OD - Summit - 28 Stories

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Splash Game Contest by joseph.hudak, on Flickr

I really love the splash pattern on this yoyo. By far I think it is the best I own and possibly one of the best I have ever seen.

Definitely gonna go with the Right side :slight_smile: I love the rough streak right through the middle; It just looks so unique.

Wow! I’m viewing from my Iphone. Both great halves but I went left. I like lots of blue. Great looking throw.

28s is my favorite colorway so it was a tough choice as both sides are freaking amazing, but I just went and chose left.

I’m definitely gonna have to go with the right… Like Joe that streak through the middle just draws me in… This is a beautiful throw though both sides are freaking gorgeous

I went with the left, as totalartist said, I like a lot of blue. It just seems balanced to me for a 28 stories.

I like that red stripe going across the right side It adds some ice character to it

Come on everybody! Vote in the poll AND then comment! I need your support!

Well this is stagnating :frowning:

I voted left. Blue is awesome.

The right. More balanced

Red Stripe is too good