CLYW Restock | New Avalanche!


Seven New Avalanche Colorways Just Arrived and They Look Great!

Clareview Station Blizzard, Electric Circus, Harrison Hurricane, Salt + Pepper, Black W/ Silver SPECKLE, Gold, and Copper Pot

Check Them Out Here!


Link is broken…

(2Sick Joey) #3

That orange one is hideous lol…DAT Solid Copper ano though ***DROOOLS


The clareview station is purple Not Cool :-\

(Erik Kerber ) #5

The link works fine!

these are really cool colors


I dunno man, looks like a nice dark blue to me.

The Electric Circus is pretty ridiculous. I typically like busy looking throws(i.e. monkeyfinger ano work), but something about that one is not very appealing. the Clareview blizzard on the other hand…do want.


I got to tell you My Man, I bought the Electric Circus and I agree the picture does it no justice, but up close it’s gorgeous !! Also, The Copper Pot looks Orange in the picture, but up close it’s a really beautiful Copperish color with a glint of blueish dark tones in it…also gorgeous. I Love the Avalanche !! One of my all time favorite “Stand By” throws.


Will yetis be sold at YYE? If yes is there a timeframe of when! In advance thanks:) I haven’t been around much is the only reason I ask