CLYW H5-Chief, Puffin ("a-grades" for cheap)


As you notice the “a-grades” I will explain. Recently in the last 3 months or so I have received these two yoyos from different people, and were both described to me as mint with the box! I traded and was extremely excited to receive these yoyos as I had never played either. When I got them I was not so pleasantly surprised both have vibe and some slight damage! I am willing to let these go for b-grade prices or trades! (prices are shipped, paypal)

First is the C3-CLYW H5 Chief! It is gold comes with a box and to say the least has plenty of vibe to go around! It has 8 or so slight flat spots/scratches in the blast unfeelable but if you were looking you would definitely find them (extremely hard to picture). I have tried to tune the vibe with no luck and I will let this go for about $75 obo (half the price of new one just has vibe!)

Next is a CLYW Puffin with an Ugly Purple Blizzard Colorway!!! Plays pretty well has a much less noticeable vibe when playing but still there and definitely on grinds. Has a couple scratches nothing huge one kinda anno breaking but nothing feelable. $70 obo

Interested? Message me with offer will trade in your favor!

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