CLYW FG Sasquatch - Aquatic Life

I got this in the mail an hour ago! I wanted to get an Aquatic Life Orca, but the Sasquatch looks good, too.

just bought the same one! Id say left. Quick question. How is the vibe on that FG sass?

I must be really lucky, because the vibe on mine is non-existent. It’s as smooth as any a-grade I’ve ever bought of theirs.

Really like the right side.

You are the second to tell me the same thing about this. Cant wait!! :DDDD

The votes being even on this one reflects how I feel, because I think it’s almost a tie. I’m giving the right side the edge for more equal color distribution. I like the splash pattern better on the left, but the way the colors are even and fade into each other on the right.

My FG Sas’ is so smooth I bought a second. Steve & Chris must’ve just decided we deserved a deal or something. At $65, I’d go as far to call it my favorite budget metal purchase this year. :smiley:

I’d definitely buy a second if I could. I am trying to save money for something.

That is beautiful :flushed:

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