CLYW Ebay Listings End SOON! Dinkface Canvas, BvM, and Arctic circle END Today!!

Check out these items I posted on eBay:

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Posted on Ebay 4/23/14
CLYW Arctic Circle
CLYW Dinkface Canvas

For Sale Only No Trade offers Please.

YYF Gravitsky Protostar - Mint
YYF Jensen Kimmitt Northstar - Mint
YYF DV888 Pink w Blue Splash - Light wear - splash is a bit faded (common for these) SOLD
YYF DV888 Black with green splash w Polished Rims - 2 dings on rims same splash fade On Ebay
3YOYO DESIGN Token Pink - mint on ebay
DUNCAN Clear FHZ - minor wear but looks and plays great on ebay
YYJ DM2 without caps - some scratches on the rims plays great
STYY Quark 1 of 1 Works Colorway - Mint
CLYW Chief 2nd run Heavy Northern Lights - some light wear and 1 small scratch on rim
CLYW Orange Marmot Proto - Dinged and re annoed - I got This from Jenson Kimmitt directly.
CRUCIAL Cream Black Derlin - Played a lot, great throw . some wear no scratches or dings on ebay

This is Original Art By Jenson Kimmitt

Can you see it?

The ano made a profile of a CHIEF!!! Awesome!!


Paypal Offers only Please.