Some rare clyw, will be very hard to get two of them off of me so offer big!

1.1of1 bad looks canvas… Will be supper hard to get off of me. Offer super big
2.1of12 meteorite chief. Going to be hard to get off me to. Offer well
3. Gold chief. Super near mint. Has one tiny scratch
4. Mint wolly markmont
5. Mint clearveiw station avalanch
6. Mint Saint eel 2011
7. Near mint blue enigma

Clyw: anything except campfire
Ilyy:trvth mainly, offer anything



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Their was a 1 Of 1 Canvas?
Pics please on All Yoyos.


Did you mean Asteroid Chief rather than Meteorite? Where did you buy it from?


Nope i ment meteorite. I bought it from yoyoexpert. Astroid chief were at high speed yoyo. Meteorite is more rare than astroid because there will be more astroid chiefs made

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Rules say you need pics or links to pics. You don’t want to deal with Jhb! (That man is insane! ;D)
Just watchin your back.



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