CLYW Candy Tutorials- Derpy Towers

Hey peeps enjoy the new tutorial :smiley:

2nd viewer!

Really nice trick.
Good vid.
Disgusting music.

The trick is a little above my pay-grade but I’ll try it!

Video: 8/10
Trick: Difficulty 7/10
Trick: Quality: 7.5/10

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Lol Thanks for rating dude im glad you enjoyed :slight_smile:



Dude! That is an awesome combo! I’m gonna start learning it very soon. And also thanks for making me laugh, that song was SO funny XD!! :smiley: And please for the love of CLYW make more just like this one.

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Thanks dude i will im already in the idea making for another one im glad you enjoyed :slight_smile:

That’s a pretty awesome trick.
The only criticism I have on it is, I think the tut was over to soon a few more angles would work wonders.
There’s a lot going on in that trick and it be great to see all of it.
But again dope trick dude!

Really nice trick.

I didn’t follow it at all though.

Lol thanks for the support you guys ill get to work on more angles :slight_smile: this is just me getting adjusted to a new camera and editing system :slight_smile: next one will be better :slight_smile:

Yes! I forgot to add, that maybe you might want to consider slowing the tutorial down a bit. It is somewhat hard to pay attention, but I guess that is what is for. It is a tutorial after all. But once again though, other than that I really liked it. I’ll sub to you.

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Thanks dude i didnt know this existed i actually just slow the frame rate and then sharpen it ill fix dont wrry :slight_smile:

New vid coming soon :smiley:

lol i have a new trick :3