CLYW Campfire and Bassalope: A High Speed YoYo Review

Tonight we have a twofer for you. High Speed YoYo proudly gives you reviews of both the Bassalope and Campfire by Caribou Lodge YoYo Works.

The fourth entry to the CLYW line up is the Bassalope, This yoyo was designed for CLYW team member Sebastian Brock. Unlike all the Caribou’s before it, this one has a slight twist besides the new shape, It is the first in the family to feature a small bearing. Knowing my extreme dislike of small bearings, would i think the Bassalope plays awesome or would I throw it back in the pond.

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What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the term “Pocket YoYo”? For me, the first things that come to mind are compromise and lackluster performance. The first pocket yo-yo I ever used that broke from this mold was the One Drop M1. It had all the performance of the older One Drop siblings while retaining its pocket friendly physique. Recently the M1 was discontinued and I went on the hunt for a worthy successor to my favorite pocket yo-yo. I read up and tried many pocket yo-yos. Some were good performers but extremely hard to find and or expensive. Others skimped on features to keep the price down and lost performance in doing so. Enter the Campfire by Caribou Lodge YoYo Works. The Campfire has specs similar to the M1 but is quite a bit lighter. This is a new market for Chris Mikulin and Caribou Lodge. Not only is this an undersized yo-yo from a stable of full sized beasts, it is also a low cost yo-yo from a company known for their premium priced products. When asked why he decided to compete in this field Mikulin had this to say:

“I wanted to reach out to CLYW fans who can’t afford $115-150 yoyos. I was also receiving a lot of requests from people, team members and stores to make a smaller pocket sized yoyo. Plus I felt that we could design a small yoyo that could go with you anywhere and that looked/played amazing … and was an improvement upon what was currently available. So far my Campfire goes with me everywhere, so I think we did okay.”

So now the questions are, is this the pocket yo-yo we have been looking for? Have there been compromises made to the design that are detrimental to play? And does it hold the same Caribou Lodge charm that its bigger brothers have?

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Great Review! I was waiting for this!!!

it looks nice.

but the ultimate pocket yoyo/wheel will always be the SHURIKEN. nothing comes close to performance of this thing.

it looks nice though.

and great review. :wink:

One of the few that I have yet to throw. I will have to hunt one down.