CLYW bonfire review

Hey guys this is my first day review so reply saying how I did

Clyw bonfire

Looks: I got black w/ pink speckle and I have to say it looks AMAZING 4/5

Construction: the bonfire has a cox bearing and snow tires the ctx got scratchy on me soon i don’t know if it’s just breaking in but I switched it for a spec and it is floaty goodness 4/5

Playability: as stated above the bonfire plays like a more stable v shaped chief for me and I love it if it was better at rejections I would be in love 3/5

Overall 11/15

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Only commenting cause you asked people to do so. Has to be the worst review I’ve ever come across. I wouldn’t call it a review to be honest. You didn’t put any effort into it. No details about what you liked and/or disliked. Most detail given was about the bearing and that is easily changed. Worst part, in your “playability” section you start by saying “as stated above the bonfire…”. You didn’t state anything above that had to do with that, let alone anything really. I’m not trying to be rude or a troll. I guess you have to start somewhere. Next time, play with the throw a lot more and really think about what you like/dislike, and more importantly the reasons why you feel the way you do. Supporting evidence always helps when stating your opinion/argument. I’ll be sure to read your next one and hopefully be able to offer more constructive criticism. Thank you and God bless.

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I agree with Snow, I can appreciate the way you rate each part out of 5, but I feel like there wasn’t enough details or support. Maybe next time you could add some pictures as well?


Next time, take your time. This review seems like it was slapped together in 15 seconds. You need to also work on your Grammar/English skills, doesn’t have to be fancy, just neat, clean, and easily understandable.

My review:



This made me laugh. Hats off to you sir!

Yup, review could have been better. But haters hate no matter what! So it’s your first review, you learned from it and now you can improve. Post a pic, take some notes when you do your review so you can reference them. Cons, pros, likes, dislikes, overall opinion, playability. Find a format from other reviews and stick to it. It’s not like they’re copyright. Go out, do a new review and show everyone what’s up.

dang , you guys are jerks…lol…he stated that it was his first day review , not his first review. He really isn’t going to have much to go on at that point, I think he was just stating his initial thoughts.

One day is not nearly enough time to get a feel for a throw. Give it a week or so of solo throwing. Then when you DO write a review, please take your time, put some thought into it, spread it out, add a pic or three, give it more than 100 words.

Bottom line, This isnt a review, this is a first impressions thought.

Tips for next time - Make it impressive, memorable, make people think about it, make people want to (or NOT want to buy it) Add pics. This, unfortunately, was lacking in nearly every way.

Better luck next time! :slight_smile:

(source: yoyo and yoyo accessory reviewer)

This :+1:t3:

Holy hell. This sucked, i’m the same person who posted this on a new account, and all I can think is “Where did I go wrong?” sorry for how much of a cringefest that whole thing was, but it’s impressive how much attention it’s received over time!

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I would rename this topic “CLYW Bonfire First Impressions”.

Come back and add more detail after you’ve played it for a week. Then you can rename it back to Review.

Is there going to be more information added to
This thread? The bonfire is a yoyo im thinking about buying.

If your around 12 years of age. You did an ok job. This is more of a first impression as stated but that’s OK. I would go back and pretend your having a face to face conversation with somebody, anybody, doesn’t matter who. Start typing …begin to talk about the yoyo and dont stop until you’ve said everything you wanted to say. Look it over, remove the unnecessary stuff. Cut a little here, cut a little there. Make sure you got the essentials in there, shape, specs, pics, stuff like that. Reread it and make sure it makes sense and fix the typos because as silly as they are, its hard to understand some of them. Remember, the point of a review is to help others. If you think it will truly help someone, one way or another, post it.