CLYW Bonfire: A High Speed YoYo Review

CLYW has gone through quite a few changes since my last review of one of their products. Chris returned to work full time at CLYW after previously handing the day-to-day operations over to Charles for a short time. Pretty much all of their machining has been moved to One Drop’s shop in Oregon. Oh, and they brought this relative unknown on board as their marketing manager, a guy by the name of Steve from some place called Cleveland. I guess he has some experience in the yo-yo world as a National Master, inventor of the 5A style, and editor in chief of some website called YoYoNews. (Sarcasm everyone. Put down the pitchforks, I know who Steve Brown is.) That is quite a bit of change for one company to go through, and with all of it, the quality does not seem to have suffered in the least. Today I am finally looking at the yo-yo that most everyone has been asking for, the Bonfire. For those that do not know, the Bonfire is a scaled up version of CLYW’s phenomenal pocket throw, the Campfire; a yo-yo that I fell in love with and regret returning to its original owner to this day. Now, just scaling up a design does not give it a pass at greatness and I am looking forward to seeing if the Bonfire can command that same level of adoration that I gave its smaller sibling.

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Great review as usual!