clyw bonefire

are the solid bonfires good for grinding? and is clyw making more yoyo’s? i feel like they are making their yo-yos in bigger amounts than before.

I think splash and solid is same. But yeah Clyw surface not the best for grinding but its good depends on whether.

And they might be making yoyos and only releasing when they have enough.


Anyhow, they’re all good for grinding.

would you guys say its a good all around yoyo? is it beed blasted?

It has that standard CLYW blast, forget the name.

It’s a fantastic yoyo all around and gives you a good feel for CLYW.  I love mine.

Here’s Chris Rhoads’ review:

No, It’s not bead blasted. Not very many companies give a great grinding finish anymore, it seems like only ILYY and Gen-yo still do that regularly. I absolutely love my bonfire though, and have no problem performing grinds with it.