CLYW Bassalope or YYF Catch 13

(DanielBG) #1

pls tell me… i didnt tryed bassalope

im so confused

and dont ask me what yoyos i like! i like big and small yoyos!

(SR) #2

Good luck getting your hands on a C13, there long gone. I would go for the Bassalope all the way.


C13 is cheaper but bassalope plays better (in my opinion).

(DanielBG) #4

i have two c13 in my home ( one isnt mine … ) and i am wondering do i trade c13 for bassalope or not…

(SR) #5

Do it. The Bassalope is so much better IMO. You’ve had your fun with the C13, I’d say it’s time for an awesome trade.

(DanielBG) #6

ok thanks :slight_smile:


Yeah the Bass rules :smiley:


(i dont own a c13) i love c13s but i have to stick with the bassalope.


Absolutely go for it. Diversify your collection and you’ll have two different great throws instead of two of the same great throw.