CLYW: Artic Circle

I posted this thread to see what everyone thinks about the much anticipated Artic Circle now

that it has come out… post in the thread to give your opinion on the new CLYW throw!

I will love to see what you guys think!!!


I’m definitely going to be following this thread. I’m purposely having my AC delayed in case there might be a promotion going on tomorrow that I may wish to take advantage of. If not, then I just delayed it for nothing and I’ll just get a box with more goodies in it because I’m ordering those other items anyways!

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I am happy that you are going to follow this thread! I hope people start to post some great reviews and their thoughts about weight, gap width, ano, etc… with the artic circle! I myself really want one and will see all the comments on it and then decide if I want to spend my money on it!!! :wink:

Got my arctic circle today. Love it. A little smaller than the chief and a little heavier, but fast and agile. Smoothest clyw I have thrown yet with a regular bearing, and with a 10 ball it’s ridiculous. A little snappy, but has some breaking in to do. And the ano is the nicest I’ve seen so far (yogi). Perfect size, perfect balance, perfect throw. Nuff said.

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I WANT ONE SOOO BAD! I am not the biggest fan of clyw but the artic circle will hopefully change my mind!!! :wink: :wink: :wink:


One of the few throws I have played that I can truly say has an astonishing stability on a flat bearing.

My first CLYW and I can absolutely see why Chris’ throws are so popular!

I am DEFINITELY going to review this throw!

[size=10pt]UPDATE: Couldn’t wait another day so I did my review!
its here…,43917.0.html[/size]

Got my Berry Berry today… Happy YoYo Day to me!

I like it a lot, I noticed the overall shape to be very similar to the Code 2, just a little more rounded, but it does play differently - I haven’t had a ton of time with it, so no real review - just that I do like it, I’m glad I got it… I’m going to swap out the bearing, try a couple different one… might even steal away my Terrapin Ceramic from the Chief…

Just wondering, how does it compare to a chief?

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At least as good as the chief, maybe better. The slightly smaller size makes it easier to push through complicated tricks (but still full sized). It may end up surpassing my chiefs as my favorite throw.

i prefer the chief. the arctic circle is wonderful, but I ended up trading mine because the market value is so high and i throw my chief just as much. for some reason, I tend to stick to FG clyw just so I don’t have to worry about dinging them, so I’m going to wait until Chris sells some of the FG Arctic circles so I can pick up one that I’ll actually throw.

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