CLYW and a Buster

Selling some cool ones today.

Winging it yoyos Buster - Has a mark on one of the rims. Does not break ano and still plays smooth.

For those that haven’t heard of these. This is a fun organic designed and machined here in the USA. Even weight distribution with a mid-school generation feel to it. Has inspirations from the Bassline, The Markmont Classic, and the Freehand. 56mm 65g - $60 shipped Sold!

CLYW Bear Vs Man 2 - mint in box - Zip Zop colorway $135 shipped Sold!

CLYW Avalanche - Quackhole colorway - This hit the edge of the my nightstand as I was putting a string on it and has a tiny little mark that does not break ano. Plays dead smooth. Comes with box and pin. $80 shipped

CLYW Pickaxe - Mint - no box $65 shipped


Bump! BvM2 and Pickaxe are gone.