CLYW 28 stories dedicated display cupboard :) (LARGE PICTURES)

Yesterday I celebrated my 28th birthday and I got a pretty nice display case from my gf.
New home for my 28s collection (yes I have all of them). Enjoy! :slight_smile:

Happy birthday! That is an awesome case and an even better collection!

That is the greatest collection of CLYW yoyos I’ve ever seen.

That looks awesome

Thanks mate! The 3 yoyos on the top are a bit “unofficial” being a CLYWxOD Summit, A NVSYYC Battosai 28s edition and a Spring Edition Basalope (there was no official 28s Basalope but the colours are very very similar although a bit ligher)

This brings a tear to my eyes



Now that is what I call a MIGHTY FINE collection. Holy cow. :o

Well done sir, well done.

Absolutely AWESOME!!!
Beautiful case and wonderful display technique!!

Crazy, bravo sir! That first run peak and bvm…

still one of my all time favorite yoyo collections. very focused and awesome display/presentation

Thanks for the kind words sir! :wink:

Amazing collection of yoyos! Very well focused and beautifully presented! I love your display case. I have a very similar glass display case for my action figures, but the back panel on mine is a piece of board made to look like a dark wood finish. Your case looks very much like an Ikea Detolf case, which are some of the best glass curio cabinets for presenting collections. Do you have lights installed in it yet? You can configure that case with some really nice LED light strips to fit the underside of each shelf with the wires mounted along the sides of the metal frame for a clean look. I use Ikea soft white LEDs in mine and it looks awesome.

Indeed an IKEA case :slight_smile:
I tried to fiddle with leds but couldn’t really get away with the power cables making it look like a mess :slight_smile: