CLYW 2013 Video Contest - Trinity Yoyo Club

Trinity Yoyo Club’s entry…

Trying to find a secret haven for Lodge-themed fun across the pond.

nice work. Bit of a complicated idea for that amount of time but you pulled it off quite well

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Cheers, hopefully made the most of the 60seconds.

Very well edited, but I would suggest using not rock for your song. Diverse and weird hiphop is that clyw vibe haha. I guess its too late however.

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Any real Canadian would disagree - a classic Tragically Hip song ;). They are so Canada.

But I know what you mean - if I were making my own personal CLYW vid, not something joke/punchline based like this, I’d definitely go the route you’re talking about.

Was hoping for more of a humorous nod to Canada.

There’s no doubt that Chris will “get” the choice instantly. :wink:

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Great Vid!

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Thanks guys.