Star Clipper is an award-winning St. Louis landmark. They emphasize uncommon gifts, zines, manga, pop culture collectibles and apparel, and a comprehensive graphic novel selection.
    This is where we have our monthly Yo-Yo sessions for Team MoYo and new players. All Yo-Yo sessions are to music and you are welcome to plug your I-pod/phone into the house system.
    MoYo will be at Star Clipper every 3rd Saturday and we welcome you to join us!

6392 Delmar Blvd.
    Saint Louis, Missouri 63130
Phone 1 (314) 725-9110

“Star Clipper Day is our way of giving back to the people of St. Louis. In celebration of their 8th anniversary in the Loop, we’re part of a day packed full of events including a costume contest to be filmed for the COMIC GEEKS online web series!”

Comics Geeks Costume Contest Web Episode - 11 AM Arrival - 12pm - 4 pm Shoot

Arrive at Star Clipper in costume between 11 AM and 11:30 AM. There will be a brief announcement between 11:30 and 12:00 to explain the
shoot to the costumed extras. Filming begins at noon and is scheduled until 4 PM. People participating in the costume contest can come dressed as a known comic/pop culture character or preferably as an original costumed character. There will be first, second, and third place prizes provided by Star Clipper (Star Clipper Gift Cards). Costumes will be judged on originality and quality. The judges will be members of the Star Clipper staff and the Comics Geeks cast. Plus, everyone who comes in costume will be an extra in the Comic Geeks episode! For more info:

-MoYo Performance - 3pm - 5pm
Come hang out and join the fun dressed in your favorite superhero/geek character or make up your own! If your dressed up you can be in the video for Star Clipper. In addition too prizes from Star Clipper, we will have best costume pize for our group MoYo.

Come join us for an afternoon with the St. Louis Yo-Yo Club-Moyo and watch the documentary “World On A String” from director Dawn Schwartz. Film starts at 1:05 pm on Saturday, November 17 at Star Clipper in University City, Mo. Show us your best yo-yo “picture trick” and you might be the winner of a “World On A String” t-shirt!

To own your copy of “World On A String” dvd or t-shirt, while supplies last, go to

“WORLD ON A STRING is a high energy film that combines the most compelling elements of documentary favorites Spellbound and Dogtown and Z-Boys. While it portrays a contest with its drama, disappointment, and exhilaration, it is far more than just a competition. It is a story of a community that has created from scratch the rules and traditions that underlie a vibrant subculture. It’s a story of self-expression, loss, friendship, and coming of age set against the backdrop of a dramatic competition.”

Event was awesome! Thanks guys, Jonathan Walker wins “Best Picture” contest with Nuclear.

2nd Place Christopher Ananda with “Wallet Chain”

3rd place Brandon Cole with “Horizontal Eiffel”

Celebrate this winter with icy cool activities up and down The Delmar Loop. Grab your Fro’ and Yo-Yo and meet us at Star Clipper from 1pm-3pm Saturday January 19, 2013!
There will also be ice carving, human dog sled races, scavenger hunts, ice slides, 5k, s’mores, movies, hula hoopers, fire spinners,stilt-walkers, live music and more at the winter festival.

P.S. This is our monthly yo-yo meet for MOYO so bring your music we are performing with a P.A.

Just a reminder if your in St. Louis on January 19 meet us for an afternoon of yoyoing in fros! This is all part of the 4th annual Ice Carnival. Afro’s are available next door at Avalon Clothing exchange for $20. If your on team Moyo your afro is the first sponsorship of 2013, meet us at 12:30pm for your team afro!

Really think the design is awesome. This is a caricature sketch of me yo-yoing by Ben Sawyer from “Free Comic Book Day” at Star Clipper Comics. Then Kristen Saffa added an afro and used the image for the club!

Omg its going to be 56-60 degrees on Saturday! Weather is perfect for yoyoing in afros! This is going to be hilarious, can’t wait to see the videos!

The eastern Balkan playlist was just as hilarious as the afro’s! lol

April 20th the 3rd Saturday of the month Star Clipper has an event. So we are thinking of meeting on Friday the 12th before the contest? Anyone coming to StL early want to yoyo with us? I have to pick up Andre’ from the airport so not sure what time yet?

Hey thanks it was awesome seeing everyone again at the contest! Next week we are meeting on Saturday April 27 at 1pm. We also have some paid yoyo gigs for the summer to assign so come early! :slight_smile:

Just a reminder we are meeting May 18 from 1pm-3pm. Here’s a little video to watch too…

This Saturday join us from 1pm-3pm!