Cluadius' BST/ Everything's Gotta Go

Hey guys, my collections getting a little bigger than I’d like it right now and I have a bunch of new throws coming in. I can make you some deals on bundles and all prices are negotiable. Pm for more pictures

Mint Eternal Throw Elysian- Half clear half Crimson: $90 +shipping

Aceyo Kuyostar- white and silver- minor damage(doesn’t affect play) -$20 + shipping

MWB-CLYW Puffin- $105 + shipping

NM-YYF Aviator 2- Gold- $50+ shipping

Mint-YYF Cyborg 2.0- silver-$50 + shipping

MWB- CLYW Bonfire- Brown- $120 + Shipping

Still have the KuyoSTAR?
I dont know how to pm.