Clear Dice Contest

I am having a clear dice video contest. Details will be expressed New Years Eve, but make sure you have your video camera’s out and your 5a top notch. Also, to be entered, like this page on facebook:

On that page will be a few more giveaways, so stay tuned, even if you suck at 5a.

Hi again, why limit your contest to US players only, with clear dice only.

you think there are too many 5A players or that players from other countries are not worth it?

He said he cant ship anything to other countries.

I’d assume he doesn’t want to ship overseas. Also, the contest is to win a clear die, not use one in the video.

I already have a clear die, and a clear blue one that looks like it. I’ll still attempt a 1a 3a trick.

It has to be 5a…

It isn’t just a contest for a clear dice but for prizes. I refuse to ship oversees. 5a only.

Did you ever do the contest? It seems like you didn’t.