Cleaning my BK Bearings

I have two Duncan Bearing Kings. One I keep set up as fixed axle, the other set as a bearing tip. This is the one I’m talking about.

The stock spin kinda blows. I took out the two bearings and then I did my typical cleaning treatment that I do with bearings:

Mineral spirits bath, dried thoroughly, then in acetone. Repeat. This time, Terrapin X treat BOTH bearings.

You MUST do this!! I can’t do much but the top spin for over a minute and when I picked it up it was still going strong. Wow!! Even just cleaning the bearings out completely was a massive improvement, but then adding the Terrapin X treatment: wow!

I’m gonna spend more time on spin tops. I want to work up to the Sophia I have.

If you are careful and experienced with that kind of thing, as you obviously are, you can really dial in a BK. They are great tops for the money.
Sometimes you get lucky and don’t need to work on the bearings, but
usually it helps. I don’t know if I would advise a person to do it if they hadn’t had a bit of experience messing with yoyos and stuff though.
I love my BKs, I have a couple that Takeshi modded, and they are awesome.

theroybit(member here) showed me spin tops. Got me started on them. They are pretty easy to take apart and maintain. I’d say if someone feels comfortable taking apart a yoyo and doing maintenance, a Bearing King isn’t that much of a stretch.

Yeah, for $12, they are really good. Not sure about competition but great for beginners and people just wanting to have fun.