cleaning fluids

ok so mineral spirits sounds good, but i was wondering is isopropal alcohol is also a good substitute since its 99% alcohol and i use it at work to clean aircraft parts??? anyone tryed using it before??

I’ve heard that it’ll still mess up the bearing, but I don’t know that it would. If you have a few spare bearings around, or maybe even just a spare piece of metal, you could clean it in that and then let it sit for a while and see what happens.

yeah once i get my DM i’ll have some spare bearings so i’ll try it then and will post the outcomes but i thnik that it will be a success but i shall have to wait and see. fingers crossed

ok so now i have done some playing around and have used some isopropal alcohol to clean my bearings, initial results are very promising. there was heaps of crap in my older bearings then i cleaned my newer bearings and it worked a treat a quick lube up and i was ready to go.
so in closing the use of the alcohol is good i recomend it.