alcohol vs vs meniral spirits

Can I use alcohol as an alternate of meniral spirits.

Yes, just make sure you dry the bearing well. Alcohol contains a significant amount of water.

This is the caveman way to do it but thats how I cleaned my Yo-Yo’s orginally.

Thx guys helped so much

However, “99%” Isopropyl alcohol is readily available at most drug stores. Quite a low water content, but you’ll still want to make sure to spin it dry on a dremel/drill or let air dry really well.

Iso. is all that I use, actually, haven’t grabbed a can of mineral spirits since I was in high school. ~6 years?

As miners was talking about 99% ISO you do not want to use anything lower. If you use something lower it will not only not work as well, but it also won’t fully evaporate, leaving water and making the bearing susceptible to rust. Mineral spirits are good, I reccoment acetone

I have a 96% alcohol should this work and when remove it should I clean it or wait till it dry it self

96% will work just fine. Just dry it off good.

simple green in a sonic bath, works great every time for me

How about sum 151? Will that clean my bearing 2?

Check out where the guy lives…

Well soitenly. :wink:

get your point:) but im sure they must have something similar
either way id use a sonic wash:)

I know this is not directly answering your question, but if you’re looking for house hold remedies for bearing cleaning, see if your mom/sister/wife has some fingernail polish remover made with acetone. A bearing in a contact lens case filled with acetone will get clean in a hurry. Be careful though, acetone will immediately take the finish off any wood surface.

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It would probably do in a pinch… crusty and responsive is already a “non-working” bearing. But be aware that fingernail polish remover usually has conditioner, odourants (why isn’t that a real word?), and other addititives that will leave even more of a film than some of the other suggested solvents.

Could give it a rinse in hot water after (oh noes! water! that can’t be right! but yes. water doesn’t automatically corrode metal upon contact) and make sure it’s dry… you’ll probably be just fine.

As he said I don’t really know what is a sonic bath.

And can some one tell me if what I read correct:

1.alcohol works
2.nail polish works as well but …(idk)
3.Hot water works

In my reply above, the hot water was AFTER the nail polish remover, as a final rinse.

Hot water by itself won’t dissolve oil and gunk very well. But it’ll work better than nothing.

Hard Boiled? :wink:

Well ya seem to find some nail polish and a 100 dollar beside it from my sis room (finders keepers ;)) but I cant find hot water should buy it online how much it cost?

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Haha! Nice one. :smiley:

Send me the $100 and I’ll see if I can get some to you. :wink:

Well the problem is our government doesn’t allow people to have water(after I searched it on net :P) we use things like gel when we are thirsty.
So i’ll go with alcohol and besides the 100$ doesn’t exist(went to the store)

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