Clash 2012 pads


Hey guys. One of the pads fell out of my clash 2012 and i want to get replacements. I found some pads that would fit but im not sure if im supposed to get the thin pads or the mormal pads. heres a link:


You can get either depending on your response preference. If you want a stronger response, get the normal pads if you prefer less response, go with the thin pads.



which do they come with preinstalled? will the normal pads make it more responsive? i want to have good response with no slippy binds while not having any responsevness whatsoever


They come stock with normal hardness (softer = grippier), normal thickness pads. I find them to be a bit too grippy when new but fantastic after they’ve been broken in a bit. That said, I’m running my Clash 2012 with flowable silicone now and I prefer that to the pads.



it accepts flowable? it doesnt look like the well is deep enough