Chrizsmh13's Feedback

Hi all,

Competed back in mid 90โ€™s as a kid, then fell out of it for a while. Recently got back into the hobby and forgot just how enjoyable it is!

Have bought some from people here already, may sell/trade some down the line, so I figured I would start a Feedback thread for others to find in the future if they want. All comments/feedback is welcome and appreciated. Thanks! :wink:

Chris is a great guy who Iโ€™d love to do future transactions with. Everything went as smoothly as possible, donโ€™t hesitate to do business with him!

Dealing with Chris was simple and smooth experience. He even threw in a few extra strings with the Pay it Forward exchange. What a guy and I highly recommend any transactions with him.

Right on - thanks man!

I appreciate your patience while I was shipping that out to you.