Christopher Chia Performance!

Chia is a monster.
The guy in the back reminds me of the DDR announcer. Oh god.

Most fails are because he did all this for fun. But just look at the horizontal inverted hooks…

More views?

Haha, some Hiroyuki and Jensen in there at the very end :smiley:

YABAI. Haha Ariq I come extra. Christopher say he nvr practice lol…

Kai, JUst now Me, John Pang, Sean, Darrell, Christopher Chia, WeiDa, Jayson, Marcus, Aik Hwee hang out at Dhoby Ghaut.

=.= never tell me. nvm.

this guy’s worlds performance was awesome!


he perfected this freestyle, it will be better than tho one at worlds 2010


SHut up! And Lester, look at his new inverted! Damn nice

I saw some of Christopher Chia’s videos very recently and I must say I am most impressed.

that’s what you get from a national champ and 3rd in the world for 1A :slight_smile: