Christopher Chia Performance

(Ariq) #1!

(Mi) #2

Chia is a monster.
The guy in the back reminds me of the DDR announcer. Oh god.

(Ariq) #3

Most fails are because he did all this for fun. But just look at the horizontal inverted hooks…

(Ariq) #4

More views?


Haha, some Hiroyuki and Jensen in there at the very end :smiley:


YABAI. Haha Ariq I come extra. Christopher say he nvr practice lol…

(Ariq) #7

Kai, JUst now Me, John Pang, Sean, Darrell, Christopher Chia, WeiDa, Jayson, Marcus, Aik Hwee hang out at Dhoby Ghaut.


=.= never tell me. nvm.


this guy’s worlds performance was awesome!

(Ariq) #10


he perfected this freestyle, it will be better than tho one at worlds 2010



(Ariq) #12

SHut up! And Lester, look at his new inverted! Damn nice

(Mi) #13

I saw some of Christopher Chia’s videos very recently and I must say I am most impressed.


that’s what you get from a national champ and 3rd in the world for 1A :slight_smile: