Hey guys. The point of this thread is to list your what you want for christmas. I will start.

Duncan echo
Duncan raptor
Dragon ball z ultimate tenkaichi(I hope I spelled that right)
Kala ukulele
Transformers war for cybertron
Lord of the rings war in the north

I don’t really expect to get the last one because I’m twelve and my parents are pretty strict about that kinda stuff.


Im asking for a fools gold avalanche, a few 3ds games…and i still havent figured out the rest yet.


The only reason I have my hole list planned is because my mom gave me a deadline to make my list(end of November)


A home, food, electricity, running water. All I need.

Thanks mom and dad! :slight_smile: (And santa)

(YoYo_Freak) #5

DV888, maybe a Protostar, and a nice yoyo case.

(Raphael) #6

this thread lacks political correctness


fg ava
just fun yoyos, not necessarily $$$$$yoyos


I don’t get it.


Mighty flea with flea string
Mario kart 7 for 3ds
Oscillatrix-black and red splash
Kitty string-nylon-yellow-100 pack
Big Yo

     1-Neon pink PGM-$30.00
     1-Counter Attack-$31.00
     25-Snack time String-$15.00
     100-Fat Kitty String-$16.00
     1-Light up free hand- $30.00


I have greatly shortened my lis i am now asking for

Duncan raptor
Duncan echo
Duncan fhz w/pulse technology
Kala makala concert ukulele

  • A fairly large computer case
  • A small monitor
  • Anything really…


Campfire, Gnarwhale, 888.11, flyer, peak. Unfortunately my parents are pretty much done with yoyos.


And…how do u hope to get an 888.11? They’re sold out and im one of the only ppl that has one…


A new laptop for sure. (NOT an Acer)
Yo-yo money and socks. Yeah, I siad socks. Everybody could use a new pair.


I would just love it if Santa would bring me a Peak this year.


Fine. Then don’t get them a yoyo then!


Sting, Protostar or Northstar, Starlight, Metropolis or Echo, Go Big or Fiesta,YYE gift certificate(s), maybe a pinacle. But I would be happy just getting a couple of those for Christmas.


My list. Pair of Nikes, CLYW Cheif, pair of drumsticks. Those are pretty much my I will get list. I love my parents :). Stocking stuffers? YYF 888x(most likely NO), running socks, sunglasses, a few books.


hspin tygorylla-$90 or fools gold avalanche-$95

100 pack poly yellow string-$13

flowable silicone-$6

thin lube-$5