Christmas Throws!


Put pictures of the throws you guys got for Christmas here!

Here’s mine.

(SR) #2

Beautiful avalanche! I love the Blizzard color way!

Got myself a YYF Severe… everyone should own one of these. Pure performance machine at a low cost. YYF has outdone themselves with this one!




I have one on the way :slight_smile:


Can’t post any pictures right now but I got a protostar and a popstar.

(ed) #6

my dad gave me a neat 1920’s cast-iron yo-yo by a company called hy-lo.
i gave my son alex a personalized ranchero…
and my daughter caitie a spyyXtmbr “ch” (which is way cooler and more limited than the “eh”)


Wife got me a crime scene cascade. Custom ordered the run and everything, pretty awesome.


That thing is absolutely stunning. Well done!


No picture yet, but I got a love spintop!


Check them out!


I got a confetti arctic circle! So excited,I am in love with this throw already! :slight_smile:


Nice! That is quite a bit.


I didn’t get anything :’(


Thanks! Haha I know! God Bless - Moefv


I got a ridley’s novelty light up and noise making yoyo that has more vibe than anything i’ve ever tried. ever.


Holy Cow, you got a ton!


Haha! Yeah.…


How do you like the New Avalanche?

(YoYo_Freak) #19

Irony JP and a Gravitsky Protostar.


Arctic circle in the pink/purple/white color way that’s NOT the delirium dive…
+a twisted trifecta bearing, a regular YYF c bearing, a diabolo, some string, some thin lube, a YYF multitool because I’ve lost my other two…