Christ tutorial

here is a tutorial for a yoyotrick i made called christ

tell me what you think


nice trick, you chould change name tho’.
5/5 on the trick tho. :smiley:

well name is ok actually and i like this tutorial more than the other one. you went well into detail and i like th trick by itself too.

Pretty cool trick, I like it.

But one more thing, the name of the video contradicts the band that was playing in a way. If you know what I mean. :stuck_out_tongue:

Christ literally translates to “The Anointed”, so let’s avoid any confrontation in regards to that. I felt it was a well named trick.

Great tutorial, very thorough and well explained. You should definitely make more in the future. This is actually a trick I do all the time when I zone out. It’s part of my ‘go-to’ combo, if you know what I mean.