Chopsticks Tricks 2013 Spring


Chopsticks Tricks 2013 Spring

Player : Tsukasa Takatsu
Yoyo : Yelets



That was fantastic! I’m sitting here trying to figure out how I could possibly incorporate some of those moves into the things I’m working on and it hits me: I can’t do any of that!

Consider me impressed!


Thank you!
You will become a be able to always if you practice repetition :slight_smile:


nice moves sakatuca


Man, I’ve always loved chopsticks tricks. These are great. Awesome job! :smiley:


Just when I thought I was getting pretty smooth with my chopsticks…

I’m been blown away!


Awesome. Thats all I could say


I don’t see the link???


I have been seen :o


Big thanks for all!!!


The tricks in this video (and all your slowed down versions) have seriously been my biggest inspirations to start throwing seriously again. Thank you