Choose your Destiny

What’s it gonna be

Ac all the way.

I love sleeping with my 888x!

You only listed 8 yoyos when there are hundreds on the market…


Eye Candy

Hspin Collection

X Brain.

I think I’ll go with…

the Completely Pointless.

Completely makes a few other throws, like Awesome, Perfect, Sick, and Useful

I’ve heard Awesome and Useful are pretty darn good.

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Glad to see more people posting and voting!

Irony jp is in the lead! The suspense can be cut with a feather…

Ditto,second choice is Chief


were you going for the forum record for most poll options? I think you got it if so.

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I really didn’t want to leave anything out, but it’s impossible

AC is trailing by 1!

I can’t believe the X Brain isn’t winning…


Ditto,second choice is Chief
[/quoteSame here.]

I think it’s because the x brain is very responsive, unless you pop the clutch