Childhood to adulthood.

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I have something to say.

When I was young, in my days of the age around 7-12 ish, I had a dream.

My dream, was to be an adult.

I always looked up to adults in the professional world, and I wanted to be just like them. I wanted to talk bigger, be better, not be a “child”.
I strived through much of my childhood to be like an adult, tried to mingle with adults, I had a deep desire to hurry and grow up so I could be a professional adult once and for all, and I felt I would not be truly happy until I reached this place.

from 7-12, I strived for this, and even into early teen years of 13-16, I strived harder in my daily life to try to be an “adult”.

When I hit the age of 18, I had a huge realization. I had done it, I had finished high school, and was starting college, I was entering adulthood, the very thing I spent most of my childhood and teen years striving for. It was here, and it was now.

As life got more hectic as college life and soon business came into play, I had a realization. This was it, yes, I had done it, but looking back, what happened to my childhood? What had i done? I realized that through this continous working toward wanting to be an adult, I had wasted my childhood by telling myself that childhood was somehow a negative thing. I had a childhood of feeling unhappy and not content, and that is a terrible terrible thing.

I believe all should strive to be greater, but that doesn’t mean that you should be unhappy during the process.

Don’t rush to grow up, and cherish the childhood that you have.
Because before you know it, it will be gone, and you won’t be able to get it back again. Have fun being a kid, and doing the things kids do, cause there is only one time in your life that you can have your childhood, and that is childhood itself. Cherish the time that you have now as a child, cause you will never get that back. Don’t make the same mistake I did, and live an unhappy childhood with a rush to grow up.

Live for the day, and live each to its best. For in doing so will you find happiness, and success.

Love you all.



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…But I want to go to college in a few years…


It’s ok. When you get closer to the end of your life, you begin to think like a kid again and remember more and more from your childhood. It’s the human condition.


… I think being an adult is overrated you don’t get to do much fun stuff like when your a kid. So basically for me I don’t want to grow up. I want to stay a kid as long as possible even if it’s a big kid.


It’s not that adults can do “more” things, it’s just that we can do “different” things, I suppose…


Touching bro.


There’s no dividing line. I’m still a kid, yet I share responsibility for a family. There are these strange little creatures that call me “Daddy” (well, one is still on “dadadadada”)… I go to work… and yet, I’m the same as I ever was. :wink:

I don’t really feel there was an “end of childhood” for me nor a “beginning of adulthood.” I think I’m lucky in that I just started accumulating responsibilities (and debt!) organically… no shocking transition to be had. Suddenly one day you realize you’ve been referring to younger people as “kids,” and that you don’t blink anymore when someone calls you “sir.”

Certainly the message of “enjoy and value your childhood” is a good one, though. I say you should enjoy and value your childhood and bring it forward with you!


That made me really sad to read. :’(


I believe you meant HaruRay’s original post. But in case you meant mine: I’m not sure I conveyed my own message effectively. I’m still a kid and I love it. :wink: The responsibilities don’t feel heavy, they’re just an organic evolution… for the most part, I just fart around a lot and have me some fun.



I meant that the original post was very sad


When I was in middle school, I never wanted to grow up. I liked my teachers, I liked my friends. Now I’m in high school, and I don’t ever want to leave it. I would go back to middle school, but high school is the next best thing. I like not having to stress over bills and such. I have liked this girl for the longest time and I don’t want to lose those feelings for her. Life will go by fast. You’ll lose things you thought you would never lose. But you’ll also gain things you thought you would never gain. The meaning of life for me at least, is to make something of yourself/have some sort of impact on the people around you.

TL;DR I never wanted to grow up. Live life and try to affect others around you.


Thought I might just put this here…


My dad says that the moment you think to yourself you want to be a kid again, is the moment you realize you’re an adult.


When I was younger I also couldn’t wait to grow up. Time seemed to pass so slowly then, a day felt so much longer. Now that I realized being an adult isn’t as great as I though, time seems to pass so much quicker, as if time is mocking me by making my teenage years pass quickly.


Your profile says your 14?


Never said I’m an adult lol

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There was an implication that made it seem like you were an adult if you didn’t read carefully. I missed it the first time too…


No, I was under the impression that since he is a teen now, he realizes that adulthood isn’t all that he thought it would be. That doesn’t necessarily mean he is an adult.