Check out these two great yo yoers who performed at our Spring Festival!!!

here are two links to see how they did! there are actually more footage of them on utube as well from the Santa Rosa Spring Festival, u should be able to find them when u click to view with just these two links though.
I thought they were great!! everybody at the festival loved them and funny there was a comment i just caught at the end of one of the performances from one of the audience members and i think it kinda sums up the who thing; they said something like:
Its the Greatest thing I have ever seen!"

Yes it was, Thank you Ismael Huesca and Marissa Mekvichitsaeng!!! :-o

Good stuff, great crowd pleasers.
Congrats to them for stepping up to help.

Awesome, hmm, Santa Rosa California?

jeez why can’t i get some stuff set up like this in Louisiana… ???